Plastkretsen investing to increase plastic packaging recycling

The plastics industry, packaging manufacturers and companies that place packaging on the market (Plastkretsen’s co-owners) are entering 2018 offensively – with a decision to invest SEK 250 million in the construction of a completely new plastic sorting facility. The initiative will give Sweden one of the most modern plastic sorting facilities in Europe.

This historic investment is a key part of Plastkretsen’s endeavours to achieve a circular economy, and will mean that a higher percentage of plastic in the packaging placed on the market can be recycled. It also means that the plastic packaging collected in Sweden will not have to be sent abroad for sorting.

“We are delighted to announce that the entire sector – the plastics industry, packaging manufacturers, retailers and suppliers – is making a joint investment in the future, and in the circular economy. This investment means that we will finally be able to sort all of our plastic packaging in Sweden, and we are aiming high because we want to increase the rate of recycling,” says Kristian Östlund, Chairman of Plastkretsen.

In addition to investing in the facility, the sector is also introducing other initiatives to increase the amount of plastic packaging recycled in Sweden. These include a recycling manual and plastic packaging training courses to raise knowledge about the recyclability of packaging among those parties responsible for manufacturing, purchasing and placing packaging on the market.

About the facility:

  • The facility will be constructed on the site of the former Electrolux plant in Motala, Sweden.
  • The total area is about 14,000 m². The site has premises that can accommodate any future needs for growth.
  • Construction start-up is scheduled for mid-year 2018, and a test run is expected to be possible by the end of 2018. The recycling facility is expected to become fully operable in 2019 following a test run and fine-tuning of the machinery.
  • About 50 people will be employed to run the operations. A production manager has already been appointed, and other employees will be recruited successively throughout the year.

For more information, please contact:

Kristian Östlund, Chairman of Plastkretsen

who can be reached through Håkan Ström, Director of Communications, FTI, +46 (0)72-453 07 19 | press@ftiab.se

About Plastkretsen:

Plastkretsen (PK) organizes the recycling of plastic packaging in Sweden by assigning the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI) to collect the plastic packaging dropped off by Swedish households at recycling stations and curbside collection points. The activities are financed by the packaging fees paid by producers in accordance with their producer responsibility obligations. Plastkretsen is one of FTI’s five owners and is owned by PIR (Plastbranschens Informationsråd), the Grocery Manufacturers of Sweden and DLF Sweden (Dagligvaruleverantörers Förbund).