Friday April 7, a completely new version of Titiyo’s debut single from 1989 “Talking to the Man in the Moon” were released. Titiyo has thus picked up the baton from Ebbot Lundberg (Soundtrack of our Lives) in the “Old Things Become New” recycling campaign.

The aim is to reduce the amount of packaging and newspapers that goes to landfill. The method is to use popular artists and recycled songs to bring people to our joint campaign website, where we are helping them to increase their recycling. Titiyo is a big fan of recycling, and has now been appointed ambassador to inspire more people to sort their waste and become better recyclers.

Many people have gone out of their way to help create this campaign. Titiyo is proud of what we have achieved together.

“It couldn’t have been a better campaign. We are now presenting a fantastic video and great photos – as well as an important message. That’s magic! I’m really happy that I said Yes to this,” says Titiyo.


Client, Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service: Annica Dahlberg, Director of Communications
Advertising agency, Brandreality: Klas Björkhagen (Strategist and Project Manager), Maria Fredriksson (Copy), Jonas Ingre (Art Director) and Anders Glisén (Web Strategist).

Production company, Acne: Director: Tomas Skoging; Concept: Titiyo, Tomas Skoging och Karin Victorin; Executive Producer: Petur Mogensen; Producer: William Tornvall; Production Manager: Nicolina Knapp; FAD: Staffan Kihlbom; DoP: Jo Eken Torp; Gaffer: Kent Kentää; Stylist: Maria Montti; Hair & Makeup: Agnes Arnell; Offline: Måns Nyman, Telecine, Ola Bäccman; Online: Swiss.

Thank you to: Eklund Stockholm New York, and Daniel Thisell/Ljud & Bildmedia

Digital marketing agency, Burstit: Fredrik Kreuger, Head of Paid Media.

PR agency: Hedberg & Partners

Photos: Viktor Flumé

Read more and see the video at latgammaltblinytt.ftiab.se