GOVERNMENT DECISION: Plastic carrier bags must be reduced

The Government has introduced a new regulation to gradually reduce the consumption of plastic carrier bags. The decision was passed at the end of November and basically entails that anyone who supplies plastic carrier bags on a professional basis must also provide information about the environmental impact of the bags and the benefits of reduced consumption.

The Swedish EPA has emphasized that the Ordinance on Producers’ Responsibility for Packaging and the Ordinance on Plastic Carrier Bags are two completely separate regulations, and should not be read together or combined. Under the Ordinance on Plastic Carrier Bags, the producers concerned are responsible for reporting their volumes and informing that they do so. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for both the instructions and ensuring that the reduction takes place as planned. The reporting responsibility instructions have been published. The instructions for information responsibility are currently being prepared and will be published on March 31.

Reporting responsibility instructions (in Swedish only)